We are constantly monitoring, streamlining,
tailoring and improving our customer service
because service is often the point of difference
a customer will use to select a supplier.
A wide range of services is available upon
request of our clients as in the following:




With our expertise and support from all suppliers we give advices to our customers in term of chemical applications, trends of chemical price, substitution of raw material, delivery time etc. We work closely with our clients’ Purchase and Quality Control teams to ensure consistency of product, added-value services, and involvement in our customers’ own success.

Tanks and Warehouses


We currently own 37 storage tanks with capacities ranging from 500 cubic meters to 2,000 cubic meters, both in mild steel and stainless steel to keep chemicals in bulk volumes. More tanks are under planned construction to meet growing demand. We also have warehouses totaling to 3,000 square meters to store chemicals in drum and bag condition serving all customers’ requests.

Transportation and Logistics


We own a fleet of stainless steel tank lorry with capacity up to 20 MT for serving our clients who buy in bulks. We also have a fleet of trucks to deliver small to medium sized users who buy in drums, in plastic pails and in one ton-toll tanks.

Lab test


With our objective to provide good quality chemical products to customers, we have invested in our own lab to be able to test all products from suppliers before delivery to our clients.